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Online CNA Classes in Texas

Getting certified as a nursing assistant isn’t an easy task, affortunately you can start by getting online training. It is important to remember that the CNA exam has two parts: the written part, which evaluates your knowledge about CNA responsibilities, and the clinical skills part (practical). It’s fundamental to study both parts to get the CNA certification.

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There are several ways you can take advantage of the internet to get the most out of your studying if you can’t take in person CNA training. Some of them are:

  1. Taking an online exam: even though it would be recommended to have some previous knowledge on nursing before taking it for the first time, you can check it out to have a general idea of what te exam consists of.
  2. Taking online CNA classes: obviously, the positive aspect is that you can take them from wherever you are in the world as long as you have internet access. Another plus is you don’t have fixed classes time (you can take them whenever you feel like it). The negative part is that you probably won’t get as much information as you would in person, left apart the practical part of the exam where your clinical skills will be tested.
  3. Using online resources: there are many websites full of nursing training information as well as lots of videos on Youtube.

What are the requisites to take CNA Training Online?

The requirements in texas vary by online school, most programs ask for a high school diploma and some may even ask for CPR training. The course takes about 8 weeks on average to get completed and it is mandatory for you to take a written competency test after the regimen if you want to take the written exam.

You can always check the Texas government FAQ page on nursing assistant certifications if you have further questions about it.

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